I'm Nora O'Brien and I am the owner, calligrapher, and watercolor artist of The Chicago Calligrapher.

I was born and raised in Chicago (yes, actual Chicago!) and this city is very close to my heart...hence my business name.


My love for letters, drawing, and creating goes way back to grade school, when I often got in trouble for doodling letter collages during class. In 6th grade, I became completely obsessed with recreating computer fonts with pencil, and made an entire page writing "Nora" over and over in different styles (yes, even Comic Sans.)

It wasn't until college that I discovered the art of calligraphy. In the midst of my supply chain management courses, it was the creative outlet I never knew I needed.


Now, I specialize in clean and elegant modern calligraphy as well as realistic watercolor illustrations. At the core of my business, I enjoy using my artwork to reflect the style and story of my couples and bring those details to life.


I believe that Black Lives Matter and am committed to advocating and practicing anti-racism.

I support love of all kinds, inclusive of any and all sexual and/or gender identities.

I am committed to a better future for our planet by reducing the paper and plastic waste that my business creates.

When I'm not doing calligraphy or watercolor,

you can probably find me:

  • Watching a true crime doc

  • Backpacking in a National Park with my family 

  • On a burrata tour of Chicago restaurants

  • Eating Reeses or peanut butter M&Ms

  • Wishing I had a dog

  • Staring at a sunset sky

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(let's be friends! @thechicagocalligrapher)