NORA O'BRIEN (she/her)


Calligrapher, Watercolor Artist, Stationery Designer


I was born and raised in the great city of Chicago, where I still live and work in my in-home studio overlooking the park. Growing up with the influence of a crafty mom and an entrepreneur dad, it seems quite fitting that I started my own business as an artist.


My love for letters and drawing dates back to when I was 12. I became obsessed with doodling word collages during school, experimenting with letterforms and trying to replicate different fonts (yes, even Comic Sans.) I later discovered the art of calligraphy in college, which turned into my business & creative outlet after I graduated and started work in corporate America. 


Watercolor and calligraphy are my tools to convey your love story and wedding vision in memorable invitations that will serve as keepsakes for you & your loved ones. 

If you're interested in working with me, get in touch here.


Growing up in Chicago has taught me a lot about diversity from a very young age, but I still have a lot to learn. As a business owner, and a vendor in the wedding industry, I respect and value the diversity of all my clients. I support love of all kinds, inclusive of any and all sexual and/or gender identities. I believe that Black Lives Matter and am committed to advocating and practicing anti-racism.

I am committed to a better future for our planet by reducing the paper and plastic waste that my business creates.



I'm probably:

  • Re-watching the Great British Bake-Off for the 7th time

  • Backpacking with my family (this pic was taken in Patagonia Chile!)

  • Watching the dogs at the dog park right outside my front window (and dreaming of the dog I'll have one day)

  • Going for a walk around my neighborhood to look at the victorian-era houses